Foot and Ankle

Allegra distributes industry-leading
orthopaedic solutions for Foot and Ankle
surgeons, including:

Arthrosurface – Hemicap® range for toes,
including NanoFX® microfracture technology.

CarbofixTM – Distal Fibular Plates, made from
radiolucent Carbon Fibre.

Signature Orthopaedics – range of screws and staples, plating systems and subtalar implants.

Neosteo – Dynafit® system

Twinlock Screws

R2 Subtular

Islay Foot System

Speyside META Screws

Speyside – Staples

Speyside – TwistOff Screws

Dynafit Screw

Dynafit Screw 2

Dynafit Staple