Foot and Ankle

Allegra distributes industry-leading
orthopaedic solutions for Foot and Ankle
surgeons, including:

Arthrosurface – Hemicap® range for toes,
including NanoFX® microfracture technology.

CarbofixTM – Distal Fibular Plates, made from
radiolucent Carbon Fibre.

CarboFixTM – Fixion Tibial Nail systems.

Integra – range for ankle, hind/mid foot and
toes, as well as screws and pins.

Integra Kalix® II Flat Foot Implant

  • Expansion endorthesis for correction in child or adult
  • Progressive and controlled expansion
  • Titanium alloy TA6V
  • Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

Integra Surfix® Screws

  • Variable and fixed angle locking screw patented technology
  • All screws lag plate to bone then locked in place with cap

Integra DPR System Minimal Invasive Foot Surgery

  • Single use: sterile packaging
  • Safety: protection by silicone ring
  • Identification: Colour coded
  • Material: Stainless Steel 316 L

Integra Forefoot 2 set

  • Modular instrument and implant set which includes:
    • Bold® compression screws 2.5mm/3.0mm/3.7mm
    • Qwix® fixation screw 3.0mm
    • Spin® Snap-Off™ screw 2.00mm/2.7mm
    • Solustaple® standard staple
    • Uni-Clip® compressive staple