Allegra distributes industry-leading orthopaedic
solutions for Hip Surgeons, including:

Signature – range of hip stems and heads

MatOrtho – Adept® Resurfacing Hip, still being
produced by the original manufacturer

jri Orthopaedics – Evolution Hip and CSF Cups


Signature Evolve Cemented Femoral Stem

• Highly polished, high Nitrogen Stainless Steel
ISO5832-9 dual tapered cemented femoral stem.
• Double taper wedge stem designed for 2-3mm
cement mantle.
• 12/14 taper connection
• Collarless neck
• Evolve Cement Restrictor included

Signature Logical G Series Cup

• Clinically proven geometry and material
• Clinically proven Ti grit blasted porous coating
• Line to line reaming
• X-Linked PE liners in neutral, 10o & 20o
• Ceramic Liners

Signature Origin Femoral Stem

• Clinically proven geometry and material (TiAl4V)
• Press-fit stem full length of stem HA coating to
promote biological fixation.
• Straight and tapered with a lateral chamfer to aid
• Both vertical and horizontal grooves to resist axial
and torsional loading.

Signature Evolve Unipolar Head

• Sizes 38-62mm
• 12/14 taper specification per Ceramtec
• Taper sleeve for -4 to +8 offsets