Allegra Orthopaedics’ principal product, the Active
Knee, is a primary total knee replacement
prosthesis. It consists of both cementless &
cemented options, with 18 femur sizes and 10 tibia
sizes to suit a wide patient population.

Allegra has developed newer Distal 1st instruments, with the ability to cut tibia or femur first.

The instruments include Five-in-One femoral cutting blocks, Varus and Valgus recut guides that are intuitive, and a variable and changeable rotation guide from internal rotation in one degree increments to six degrees external.

Allegra also distributes industry-leading
orthopaedic knee solutions for:

MatOrtho – total knee replacement systems

Arthrosurface – HemiCAP® range for Knees,
including NanoFX nanofracture technology


MatOrtho SAIPH® Knee

The SAIPH® Knee System is the 2nd generation medial ball-and-socket knee from the originators of the concept.

STOP-PRESS Issue 101 Nov 2017 – SAIPH update

UHMWPE vs XLPE for Knees – TSP020 Nov 2017

Arthrosurface HemiCAP® Femoral Condyle

(Note – Special Access Scheme application
required before use.)

Arthrosurface HemiCAP® PF Wave

(Note – Special Access Scheme application
required before use.)