Sr-HT-Gahnite Bone Project

Allegra is commercialising a synthetic bone graft medical device, Sr-HT-Gahnite. We have exclusively licensed the Sr-HT-Gahnite Intellectual Property from The University of Sydney.

Sr-HT-Gahnite medical devices are 3D printed bioceramic scaffolds with outstanding potential for supporting bone regeneration in load bearing applications.
Current synthetic bone substitutes, of over 150 products, either regenerate bone or weight-bear. Sr-HT-Gahnite is capable of doing both!

Sr-HT-Gahnite Bone Substitute
Features and Benefits

  • Load Bearing – studies have proven Sr-HT-Gahnite is capable of supporting high mechanical loads, with potential for use in weight bearing applications in the lower limbs and spine
  • Bioactive – promotes bone regeneration and regrowth
  • Biocompatible – not rejected by the body
  • Osteoconductive – able to support the growth of bone over its surface

ASX Announcements

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Link Megasystem-C


Modular tumour and revision system

The high modularity of the MEGASYSTEM-C® allows partial bone replacements both in the proximal and distal femur in small increments. The system also allows for a total femoral replacement.

Compatible with successful revision systems (MP® Reconstruction Prosthesis and Endo-Model® SL Knee Prosthesis System).

Intraoperative flexibility for the Surgeon with various combination options.

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