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About Allegra

Established in 1994, Allegra orthopaedics (formerly known as Advanced Surgical Design and Manufacture Limited) started with a vision to improve health care standards and expectations of quality of life for patients, with continued product innovation and development.

In the field of primary knee replacement prostheses, it’s product the Active Knee, has been recognised amongst the leading designs in the Australian market, according to the 2007 Australian Orthopaedic Association’s Joint Registry.

Our principal products have clinical histories in excess of fifteen or more years. From its strong position and the extensive clinical history of its products, Allegra has the opportunity to consolidate its position in the Australian market and target high value niche opportunities in the lucrative USA, UK and key European markets.


Allegra Orthopaedics is founded on a team of expert designers and engineers, that is underpinned by senior management and board members with a successful track record in developing innovative orthopaedic prostheses and devices.

Allegra has used its expertise in developing and commercialising medical devices to generate a pipeline of new products at various stages of development. Allegra continues to leverage its research, development, manufacturing and clinical trial capabilities to prototype a number of exciting and innovative medical devices.

Allegra has built capabilities in the design, prototyping and manufacture of medical devices and implants that have been fully certified to TGA, EU/CE and FDA standards. The most strategic elements of the design and manufacturing capacity have been built in-house, whilst less strategic elements of the fabrication process are outsourced.

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