Commitment to Quality

Allegra Orthopaedics specialises in products made from implant grade material (including chrome cobalt, titanium and its alloys), memory metals, stainless steels and implant-grade polyethylenes, instruments sets (short and large run) and surface coatings (including ceramic, hydroxyapatite and implantable coatings).

How We Do It

By leveraging our research, development, manufacturing and clinical trial capabilities to prototype and build clinical histories of a number of exciting and innovative medical devices along with our existing orthopaedic devices.

Allegra Orthopaedics Innovation & Development

Allegra is commercialising a synthetic bone graft medical device, the Sr-HT-Gahnite bone substitute. We have exclusively licensed the Sr-HT-Gahnite Intellectual Property from The University of Sydney.

The medical device is a 3D printed bioceramic scaffold with outstanding potential for supporting bone regeneration in load bearing applications.

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