Allegra distributes industry-leading orthopaedic solutions for Shoulder surgeons.


Arthrosurface HemiCAP® Shoulder

  • Partial Humeral Head Resurfacing System
  • Small to 40mm diameters
  • Wide range of symmetrical and asymmetrical offsets

Special Access Scheme (SAS) application required before use.


Arthrosurface NanoFX® (Nanofracture)

Improved and systemic deep marrow stimulation

  • Only 1mm diameter channels
  • Standardised perforation depth of 9mm
  • Controlled, smaller and therefore better


Newclip Technics

alians elbow

Alians Elbow

Distal Humerus and Olecranon Plating System. A wide range of anatomically pre-contoured and bendable plates for:
  • Medial, Lateral and Postero-lateral Distal Humerus
  • Olecranon
All plates have 20° polyaxial locking screw fixation and made from grade 5 medical ...

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alians proximal humerus

Alians Proximal Humerus Plating System

A range of anatomically pre-contoured plates for Proximal Humerus fractures. Fixed angle divergent blunt tipped screws to maximise fixation and prevent protrusion through the humeral head. All plates have 25° polyaxial locking screw fixation in the shaft and are made from grade 5 medical ...

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