Allegra Orthopaedics’ principal product, the ActiveKnee, is a primary total knee replacement prosthesis.
Allegra also distributes industry-leading orthopaedic knee solutions for
Link and the Arthrosurface HemiCAP® range for Knees, including NanoFX nanofracture technology.

Allegra Orthopaedics

Total Active Knee

Allegra Orthopaedics’ principal product, the Active Knee, is a primary total knee replacement prosthesis. It consists of both cementless & cemented options, with 18 femur sizes and 10 tibia sizes to suit a wide patient population. Meniscal inserts are available which allow the surgeon to ...

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Active Knee Distal First Instruments

Allegra has developed new instrumentation, with the following benefits for users:
  1. Two options for femoral implantation – distal first or anterior.
  2. Newer instruments – ability to cut tibia or femur first.
  3. Variable and changeable external rotation guide from ...

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Arthrosurface HemiCAP® Femoral Condyle

  • Treatment of full thickness cartilage lesions
  • 15/20mm diameter, numerous offset
  • Bone sparing


Special Access Scheme (SAS) application required before use

Arthrosurface NanoFX® Nanofracture

  • Improved and systemic deep marrow stimulation
  • Only 1mm diameter channels with perforation depth of 9mm
  • Controlled, smaller and therefore better


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