Innovation, it’s in our DNA


At Allegra Orthopaedics, we are passionate about the medical device industry for the improvement of orthopaedic health. Our flagship product, the Active Total Knee, showcases our dedication to this cause.

We are the proud holder of patents for Sr-HT-Gahnite – a synthetic biocompatible ceramic material with load-bearing capabilities originally developed at The University of Sydney. Studies indicate promising results for orthopaedic applications, with high bioactivity, successful bone growth on scaffolds, and mechanical properties suitable for weight-bearing.

Allegra has established strong relationships with leading medical device companies, such as Waldemar Link GmbH & Co, Anika Therapeutics Inc., and Vilex LLC, and world-renowned research institutions, such as The University of Sydney, University of NSW, The University of Adelaide, and distinguished surgeon innovators. These collaborations have resulted in commercialisation of new medical devices in the market.

To find out more about these innovations or to discuss your ideas, contact us here.


Company Update - Innovation Division Shareholder Presentation August 2023

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Our Current Project

The Sr-HT-Gahnite Cervical Fusion Cage is in the late stages of development.

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What is in the Pipeline?

We embrace innovation by fostering research and manufacturing projects. This is why Allegra enjoys a collaborative relationship with Bone Ligament Tendon (BLT).

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Are you an Inventor?

If you are interested in partnering with Allegra, the company can provide support with a complete range of services to take your ideas from conception, into production and market release.

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