Foot & Ankle

Allegra distributes industry-leading
orthopaedic solutions for Foot and Ankle surgeons, including: Hintegra, Arthrosurface and Newclip.

Allegra Orthopaedics

Hintegra® Total Ankle Replacement

Resurfaces the tibia and talus

  • Mobile inlay
  • CoCr with double coated surface (porous Titanium and HAP) for optimal bone ingrowth
  • Optional fixation screws


Arthrosurface HemiCAP® DF Toe

The HemiCAP DF® is used in the 1st metatarsal and incorporates an anatomic, extended dorsal curve to improve dorsal roll-off while preventing osteophyte regrowth.

  • DorsiFlexion Implant for 1st MTPJ resurfacing
  • Dual implant curvatures
  • Minimal bone resection


Arthrosurface NanoFX® A-Curve Handle

The NanoFx® (Nanofracture) offers a “Smaller, Deeper, Better” solution compared to a standard microfracture procedure. The instruments consist of a reusable Hand Instrument and a single use disposable PleuriStik for performing a microfracture procedure for the treatment ...

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Arthrosurface HemiCAP®2nd MTP

For the most common type of Foot Arthritis (hallux rigidus), outcome data shows that HemiCAP Toe Implants are the better solution for patients looking to improve motion. The HemiCAP hemiarthroplasty toe implants have a long clinical lifespan, proven fixation and do not burn any bridges for ...

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  • Prevents ‘needle stick’ injuries for patients and staff
  • self-fixing butterfly shaped clip
  • Protects ends of protruding k-wires
  • Fits k-wire sizes 0.5mm to 4.0mm
  • TGA approved
  • Sterile packed and single use
  • Proven in clinical ...

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Newclip Technics

activ fuse products

Activ Fuse

Designed for bone reconstruction of the ankle joint in adults,
including fractures fixation and arthrodeses of the ankle,
distal tibia, talus, and calcaneus.

newclip footmotion screws

Footmotion Screws

The Large Screws range are intended for the fixation of bone fractures, pseudarthroses, fusions and osteotomies of foot and ankle as well as medium and large bone fragments including radius, humerus, femur, tibia in adults.
  • Self-drilling and self-tapping cannulated ...

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footmotion plating system newclip technics

Footmotion Plating System

The Footmotion Plating System is intended for arthrodesis, fractures and osteotomies fixation and revision surgeries of the foot in adults.

MTP Plating System

  • Range of Precontoured and low profile plates
  • Fixation and screws optimized (a single screw diameter, screw head minimally invasive and buried in the plate, hexalobe screw recess design)
  • Specific fixation for optimal stability of the assembly (ramp oblong hole, hole ...
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    hto activmotion s dto

    HTO Activmotion S DTO

    The Activmotion S DTO range is intended for bone reconstruction of the ankle joint in adults and adolescents, including fixation of fractures and osteotomies of the ankle, distal tibia and fibula.
    • Precontoured implants
    • The design of these implants is the result of a ...

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