Sr-HT-Gahnite Bone Project

Allegra is commercialising a synthetic bone graft medical device, the Sr-HT-Gahnite bone substitute. We have exclusively licensed the Sr-HT-Gahnite Intellectual Property from The University of Sydney.

The medical device is a 3D printed bioceramic scaffold with outstanding potential for supporting bone regeneration in load bearing applications.
Current synthetic bone substitutes, of over 150 products, either regenerate bone or weight-bear. Sr-HT-Gahnite is capable of doing both!

Sr-HT-Gahnite Bone Substitute
Features and Benefits

  • Load Bearing – studies have proven Sr-HT-Gahnite is capable of supporting weight, with potential for use in lower limbs and spinal placement
  • Bioactive – promotes bone regeneration and regrowth
  • Biocompatible – not rejected by the body
  • Osteoconductive – able to support the growth of bone over its surface

ASX Announcements

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Link Megasystem-C


Modular tumour and revision system

The high modularity of the MEGASYSTEM-C® allows partial bone replacements both in the proximal and distal femur in small increments. The system also allows for a total femoral replacement.

Compatible with successful revision systems (MP® Reconstruction Prosthesis and Endo-Model® SL Knee Prosthesis System).

Intraoperative flexibility for the Surgeon with various combination options.

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