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alians proximal humerus

Alians Proximal Humerus Plating System

A range of anatomically pre-contoured plates for Proximal Humerus fractures. Fixed angle divergent blunt tipped screws to maximise fixation and prevent protrusion through the humeral head. All plates have 25° polyaxial locking screw fixation in the shaft and are made from grade…READ MORE >

alians elbow

Alians Elbow

Distal Humerus and Olecranon Plating System. A wide range of anatomically pre-contoured and bendable plates for: Medial, Lateral and Postero-lateral Distal Humerus Olecranon All plates have 20° polyaxial locking screw fixation and made from grade 5 medical titanium allowing lower profile plates…READ MORE >

LINK rehabilitation Kit

Post-surgery Rehabilitation

A range of LINK® post-surgery rehabilitation devices are also available, including: Finger splints Knuckle splints Toe splints Eye patches See the full catalogue LINK® Rehabilitation Devices Catalogue

LINK revision surgery kit

Revision Surgery Instruments

A full range of LINK® Instruments are available to support all aspects of revision surgeries, including Cement or stem extractors Acetabular cup extraction forceps Extraction drivers Ball reamers Twist drills Full list of available instruments LINK® Revision Surgery Instruments>

PCL Protector

A LINK® Instrument specifically designed for protection of the posterior cruciate ligament when resecting the tibia. Product Information LINK® PCL Protector Brochure

Direct Anterior Approach

LINK® Instrument set available to support Direct Anterior Approach hip surgery. Surgical technique and instrument catalogue LINK® Direct Anterior Approach Catalogue

LINK shoulder surgery kit

Shoulder Surgery

The LINK® instrument set for shoulder surgery can be used for many forms of shoulder surgery. Its components are available individually or as a complete set. Full catalogue available online LINK® Shoulder Surgery Kit

Clavicle Fixation (CFS)

Adult & adolescent range Midshaft and 1/3 Lateral plates Low profile design Extended central section for strength across fracture Medial and lateral axial angled locking screw option Anatomic & bendable Nitinol trials Stainless steel Midshaft Plates 6 or 8 Hole Adult Right…READ MORE >


Bespoke implant solutions for cases where commercially available systems are not an option. Send us your challenging case and we will work with you to find you a solution. Contact Allegra Orthopaedics via email or phone 02 9119 9200.

hto activmotion s dto

HTO Activmotion S DTO

The Activmotion S DTO range is intended for bone reconstruction of the ankle joint in adults and adolescents, including fixation of fractures and osteotomies of the ankle, distal tibia and fibula. Precontoured implants The design of these implants is the result of…READ MORE >

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