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Noviomagus Cup Resector

Noviomagus Cup Resector

The Cup Resector is designed to remove uncemented acetabular cups, while minimising acetabular bone loss at the bone-prosthesis interface. The instrument set comprises a complete set of: single use hardened stainless steel starter and finishing blades centering heads 28mm, 32mm & 36mm…READ MORE >


Australian designed and manufactured single-use instrument, makes harvesting and splitting any tendon in a sheath: Simple and easy Accurate Safer More efficient Watch a video demonstration of the tendon stripper by Dr Nicholas Smith.

face mask strap holders

Face Mask Strap Holder

Australian designed and manufactured, the Allegra Orthopaedics’ Mask Strap Holder is designed to reduce ear discomfort caused by wearing a face mask for an extended time. Suitable for use with an ear loop face mask 0.8mm PETG blue tinted plastic Adjustable and…READ MORE >


Face Shields

Australian designed and manufactured, Allegra Orthopaedics’ Face Shields are TGA approved and designed to meet the needs of all health care professionals. They are to be worn as an additional layer of protection against droplet infection and direct contamination. Suitable for frontline…READ MORE >

Standard C Cementless Stem from Link

Standard C Cementless Stem

The prosthesis stems of the Standard C system are made of alloy steel FeCrNiMnMoNbN (M30NW). Features: Available in standard (CCD 134°) and lateralized (CCD 131°, + 5 mm offset) forms. Flattened tapered neck to increase the range of motion between stem and…READ MORE >

Link MP Reconstruction Prosthesis

MP® Reconstruction Prosthesis

Modular, cementless and cemented prosthesis for hip joint revision The MP® reconstruction prosthesis is designed for the replacement of loosened hip prostheses with extensive proximal femoral defects, which no longer permit implantation of standard prostheses. The different prosthesis components form a modular…READ MORE >

Megasystem-C from Link

MEGASYSTEM-C® – modular tumor and revision system

The high modularity of the MEGASYSTEM-C® allows partial bone replacements both in the proximal and distal femur in small increments as well as a total replacement of the femur. For knee joint replacement, implants of the knee joint system Endo-Model® and Endo-Model®…READ MORE >

Endo Model Partial Pelvis Replacement from Link

Endo-Model® Partial Pelvis Replacement

Implant for bridging larger bone defects The Endo-Model® partial pelvis replacement prosthesis provides a cemented option with an artificial hip acetabular cup in cases of extensive osseous destruction, where normal hip acetabular cup systems cannot be implemented, because of a tumour, or…READ MORE >

Combi Cup R Revision from Link

Combi-Cup R® Revision Cup

The CombiCup R® revision cup is a modular cementless system for revision of acetabular implants where reconstruction of anatomical conditions is not possible with standard components, due to adverse situations such as dysplasia or insufficient bone quality. Features: Titanium with porous surface…READ MORE >

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