Allegra has developed new instrumentation, with the following benefits for users:

  1. Two options for femoral implantation – distal first or anterior.
  2. Newer instruments – ability to cut tibia or femur first.
  3. Variable and changeable external rotation guide from internal rotation in one degree increments to six degrees external.
  4. Referencing to ensure the femur is bone sparing.
  5. Five-in-One femoral cutting blocks, which are shaped like the femur – ensures the user can appreciate the shape and position of trochlear, the width of the femur, and rotation, all before any cuts are made. Allows the user to fully explore all 10 femoral sizes.
  6. Tibial guide that is
    • low profile, allowing for minimally invasive surgery and fat pad preservation.
    • thin enough to ensure the saw blade will always cut the tibia without needing to remove the jig and finish off the cuts.
  7. Varus and valgus recut guides that are intuitive.
  8. Tibial preparation tools for cementing, which don’t impact or damage the femoral cuts.