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Ceramic Prosthesis Heads

Ceramic Prosthesis Heads

Prosthesis heads made from BIOLOX® forte or BIOLOX® delta Prosthetic heads of this extremely wear-resistant high-performance ceramic material are characterized by minimum material abrasion and excellent biocompatibility. Features: 12/14 taper Head diameter from 28–36 mm BIOLOX® forte version for neck lengths of…READ MORE >

CoCrMo Prosthesis Heads from Link

CoCrMo Prosthesis Heads

Features: Head diameter from 24-36 mm 12/14 taper Neck lengths from -3.5 to +4 mm

Link SLED Uni Knee

St Georg SLED (Uni Knee)

In conjunction with the minimally invasive surgical technique MITUS®, this surface replacement is particularly bone-sparing and gentle on soft tissue. Features: Optimal implant/cement bonding through a globular macrostructure on the undersides of the prostheses Tibial plateaus from UHMWPE with and without metal…READ MORE >

Endo Model Knee Fusion Nail from Link

Endo-Model® Knee Fusion Nail SK

The Endo-Model® arthrodesis nail comprises a femoral and a tibial component. Features: Made from CoCrMo, with Centering stars made from polyethylene With two safety screws including UHMWPE plugs The stems are tapered with three surfaces for ensuring rotation in the cement bed.

Endo Model SL Rotational and Hinge Knee from Link

Endo-Model® SL® Rotational and Hinge Knee

The kinematics and anchoring principles of the rotational and hinge knee are based on the Endo-Model® solution for the fixed-hinge knee replacement, which has been successfully proven for decades. Features: Intraoperative choice between rotational and hinge mechanism Compatible with component of the…READ MORE >

Endo Model M Modular Knee from Link

Endo-Model® M Modular Knee

Modular knee prosthesis for primary and revision surgery The modular intracondylar total knee prosthesis Endo-Model® – M. The modular prosthesis stems are available in two versions for cemented or cementless implantations, in varying lengths. Features: Hinge joint or rotational knee joint with…READ MORE >

Endo Model Knee by Link

Endo-Model® Knee

Rotational and hinge knee prosthesis for primary and revision surgery Used as primary prosthesis or as revision treatment, as a rotational or hinge knee, with the Endo-Model® rotational knee prosthesis there are many options available. Features: Minor bone resection with primary implantation…READ MORE >

Islay Foot System

Low profile plates made from Anodized Titanium alloy.

Signature Hip Evolve cemented stem

Signature Evolve Cemented Femoral Stem

Highly polished, high Nitrogen Stainless Steel ISO5832-9 dual tapered cemented femoral stem. Double taper wedge stem designed for 2-3mm cement mantle. 12/14 taper connection Collarless neck Evolve Cement Restrictor included

Arthrosurface HemiCAP® Femoral Condyle

Treatment of full thickness cartilage lesions 15/20mm diameter, numerous offset Bone sparing READ MORE Special Access Scheme (SAS) application required before use

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